Bellringing at St. John's Leytonstone

History Continued

Two new bells were dedicated to William Pye in 1936 taking our towers’ total to 8.  His widow was invited to the casting and is pictured putting coins in the mould.


William Pye single handedly rang the tenor at Exeter cathedral for a peal.  At 72 hundred weight this is one of the heaviest bells around – for comparison, our tenor is only 12 cwt.  He also rang Cambridge maximus, a method on 12 bells, which lasted for eleven and a half hours of non stop ringing..... We don’t do things like that anymore, you’ll be glad to hear.


There is a Plaque which commemorates another achievement of a peal lasting twelve hours.

Despite William Pye living locally and being involved in ringing at St Johns’ he never became tower master; this role belonged to George Dawson and William Miller.

Back Next Mrs Pye adding Coins Memorial Tablet

The memorial plaque for William Pye.

Mrs Pye adding coins to the mould at the casting of the two trebles.